Best Sex Shop – the List 2014 Reader’s Choice Award


It’s official! We are the Best Sex Shop in town – According to the many readers of the List magazine.

We are thrilled to receive the award. And thank you the List for inviting us to the award ceremony.

We are expanding our product offerings. More premium bondage and kinky stuff are coming. Our collection of sexy lingeries and fetish wears are growing.

To us it has always been much more than SEX. It’s a lifestyle. We call it Intimate Lifestyle. And we are your intimate stylists.

To share the joy with you, here are some footage from the award ceremony:

About sally

Sally is a smart girl who knows herself; loves to enjoy life; enjoy sex. Quality sex and tasty food are the greatest pleasures in life. To make delicious food and have great sex both need learning and trying. You ain't born with either.

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