Top Ten Reasons to Have an Orgasm

1) It feels great. 2) It is FREE. 3) It is legal. 4) It reduces stress. 5) It burns calories. 6) It helps you fall asleep. 7) It releases tension. 8 ) It can help relieve menstrual cramps and headaches. …

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Lunch Hours = Sex Hours?

Which is better? Morning glory, evening romance or afternoon delight? While sex is great pretty much anytime, most people have a clear preferences about when they like to have


5 Ideas for Greater Sex with Your Senses

When it comes to sex, we know most men are visual creatures. They like to look at breasts, and they like to watch porn. On the other hand,

Kegel Exercise – Before and After Childbirth

After childbirth, we all try to shed off the baby weight and have constant battle with stretch marks. Not only do we need to keep our body fit,


Custom Blended G Spot Stimulator

Custom Blended Eye Mask by MTM. I am sure some of you may have heard of it. But what about Custom Blended G-Spot stimulator? Well, I have got one.


How to Start Using Sex Toys in Your Relationship?

1. How do I bring up the idea of using a vibrator during sex without offending my guy? Since sex toys are everywhere from Mad Men to drugstores, tell


Where is my G-Spot?

So where is that legendary G-Spot? Does it even exist? Believe it or not, there are lots of men and women heard of the G-Spot but don’t know


Choose Your Toy

Before you know how to choose a sex toy. You need to understand which body parts will bring you pleasures. There are two major pleasure centers for a girl.


Multiple male orgasm – Any man can do it!

So girls, if you are not having good times in bed with your partner, it's time to spend some time to learn something new! Well actually the idea


Making love is like cooking an egg

Making love is like cooking an egg. Everyone knows how to boil an egg then eat it. That wasn't particularly satisfying is it? What is the best egg

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