Special Offer for Movie Lover


Special Offer for Movie Lover

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Winnipeg accountant Jordan Abrams’ world is turned upside down when his proposal to Rachel – his life-long “soul mate” – is rejected. Frustrated and deeply unsatisfied with their sex life, Rachel unexpectedly breaks up with Jordan, encouraging him to venture out and seek some much-needed sexual experience. Committed to doing whatever it takes to win her back, Jordan heads to Toronto where he meets Julia, a sexually liberated but emotionally guarded stripper and aspiring chef whose bohemian lifestyle has led her into serious financial trouble. Jordan and Julia strike up an unusual barter deal: he’ll help her overcome her fiscal irresponsibility and get her life in order in exchange for her mentorship on his mission for sexual education. Jordan soon gets pulled into an unfamiliar world of sensual massage parlors, cross-dressing and S & M, and with each noble attempt to prove himself to Rachel, he unwittingly puts his relationship in greater jeopardy.

My Awkward Sexual Adventure is a sexy romantic comedy about an awkward disaster of belated sexual awakening, and an unusual journey of self-discovery.

Title:                My Awkward Sexual Adventure

Release Date:         Aug 29, 2013

Genre:             Comedy/ Romance

Rating:             III

Running Time:103mins

Country:          Canada

Language:       English

Director:          Sean Garrity

Screenplay:     Jonas Chernick

Casts:               Jonas Chernick/ Emily Hampshire/ Sarah Manninen

Producer:        Juliette Hagopian

Official Site:    http://myawkwardsexualadventure.com/

Trailer:            http://youtu.be/0o5pNT9mj8s

Facebook:        http://www.facebook.com/EdkoFilms

Distributor:      Edko Films Ltd.


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