Take care of your toys!


Without proper conditioning, even the finest-quality pleasure toys will eventually be damaged and lose their usability. Take the time to care for your toys – and you’ll be rewarded with pleasure toys, which will not only provide you with great stimulation, but last for years to come.

Care Instructions:

  • Always clean your toy thoroughly before and after each use. The most effective way of doing this is use a purpose-made cleaning solution. Alternatively, you can wash the toy with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean hot water and pat dry with a lint free cloth or towel.
  • Place your toy in a dust free area and put it in a separate bag to keep away from toys of other materials.
  • If your toy is powered by battery, leave the battery out for long-term storage.


  • Never use silicone based lubricant with your silicone made toy because the formula will usually dissolve the surface making it sticky to the touch, and excess may cause disintegration of the item over time.
  • Avoid getting water into the DC socket.
  • Never use cleanser containing alcohol, petrol or acetone.
  • Avoid leaving your toy in direct sunlight and never expose it to extreme heat.

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