Where is my G-Spot?


So where is that legendary G-Spot? Does it even exist? Believe it or not, there are lots of men and women heard of the G-Spot but don’t know where it is or how to take advantage of it. It’s obvious that G-Spot is not a chapter that our high school covered in our sex education or Biology class. Although it doesn’t exist in text books, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in the real world. And, boys, when it comes to making love with your ladies, G-Spot is your greatest handy man if you know it well. For my fellow ladies, knowing and exploring your G-Spot will help you understand your body and yourself more. So, when it comes to making love with your partners, you will know how to move your pelvis and help him help you achieve orgasm and climax together.

So, here is the G-Spot 101.

Where is my G-Spot?

The G-Spot is located along the inner wall of the vagina, about 1-3” in, towards the belly.

How to find my G-Spot?

Because the G-spot swells during arousal, the more turned on a woman is, the easier it will be to find her G-spot.

First, take a deep breath, relax, lay down on your back and knees bent. Use your hands or a vibrator on your clitoris. Get warmed up. Feel aroused.

Once you do, insert your finger 1- 3 inches inside your vagina, then hook it toward the belly. The G- Spot is an area about one inch in diameter and often feels a bit spongier than the surrounding tissue. If you press on it, you will likely feel some sensation in your bladder. Once you’ve found it, the fun stuff begins, as you try different types of stroke, speed, and pressure to find out what feels best to you.

What position is the easiest to find my G-Spot in?

For solo, I would recommend lying on your back since it really helps to relax you. With a partner, I would suggest a position called “Missionary” where you lay on your back with your legs up either folded back and against your shoulders or your legs up on your partner’s shoulders. Because this position is face to face, it allows for eye contact, verbal and non-verbal communication, and easy access to your G-Spot. But the most important factor in finding your G-Spot with a partner is communication. Tell him what you like, how much pressure feels good and what is working for you. This is very valuable information he can use later.

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