「Arousal and Inspiration」人體素描展覽
Sally Coco 銅鑼灣店將於4月15日晚上六時半至八時半時,為藝術家Alberto Martorana的人體素描畫展「Arousal and Inspiration」舉辦開幕活動。

來自加拿大的Alberto Martorana,是一位注重寫實和氣氛的藝術家。他在90年代初期開展藝術家生涯,並於2010年來港,現主要從事藝術工作。是次畫展,從他的日常畫作以及個人工作室,挑選八幅人體寫生素描展出。他以活潑自然的筆觸,捕捉香港模特和藝術工作者的生動美態。


Sally Coco 是香港首間女性友善的情趣用品店,提供來自世界各地優質的情趣用品,理念是推廣性健康,提昇性生活的質素。Sally Coco 相信每人都有享受性愛歡愉的權利,並不需要忌諱性慾。

「性商店中的藝術空間」是 Sally Coco 一個商業藝術的項目,定期邀請藝術家於銅鑼灣分店展出作品。Sally Coco 曾與著名本港漫畫家門小雷合作舉辦 Que Sera, Sera「野性綻放」仲夏畫展,以及與馬來西亞籍藝術家Pei Sea合作展出裸體寫生作品。性愛情慾為人性的重要一環,圍繞「性」的藝術作品從業餘到大師級都不乏佳作。Sally Coco 希望透過藝術展覽,啟發公眾對「性」有更深層次的思考。

展覽名稱:Arousal and Inspiration
展覽藝術家:Alberto Martorana
開幕禮日期:2016年4月15日 晚上6:30至8:30
展覽場地:Sally Coco (銅鑼灣富明街寶富大樓 3 樓 B 室;銅鑼灣港鐵站 A 出口步行兩分鐘,上海么鳳樓上)

Sally Coco at Causeway Bay presents artworks by Alberto Martorana in an opening reception on Friday 15th April 2016 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.

Alberto Martorana is a fine artist (and an engineer) who arrived at Hong Kong for engineering assignments in 2010. Earlier, he established his career as a fine artist in Canada, which accompanies him along his international assignments.

Arousal and Inspiration consists of 8 figure drawing pieces conceived at local life drawing sessions and his own studio. These works, examples of fine draughtsmanship, captured in a frisky and spontaneous style, reflect the talent of HK models and performers, who facilitated the artist’s inspiration.

A connection to our broader and higher self takes place during a state of arousal. Such state can be achieved during the inspired art making process as well, and is perceivable once the artwork is conceived, such as in the works presented in this occasion.

Sally Coco is an intimate lifestyle store, which since 2011 has have been offering the world’s best intimate lifestyle products to Hong Kong. Its professional team of Intimate Stylists have helped thousands to explore possibilities and pleasures in their intimate lifestyles.

“Art Space at a Sex Shop”, a commercial art project organised by Sally Coco, invites artists to show their work in the Causeway Bay branch. Previous collaboration includes Que Sera, Sera with well-known local illustrator Little Thunder, and life drawing workshops and exhibition with Malaysian artist Pei Sea. Sex and love should be inseparable from human lives. Sally Coco gives artists the opportunity to express themselves, and to inspire visitors to a renewed consciousness on their bodies, gender and sex.

Exhibition: Arousal and Inspiration
Artist: Alberto Martorana
Date: 15 April 2016 (Fri) – 15 May 2016 (Sun)
Opening Ceremony: 15 April 2016 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Venue: Sally Coco (Unit 3B, Po Foo Building, 1-5 Foo Ming Street, Causeway Bay; 2 min. walk from Causeway Bay MTR Exit A)
Time: 12nn – 8pm, Monday to Sunday
Media Enquiry: hello@sallycoco.com