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Womanizer W500 Pro Happiness Guarantee! 14-Day Free Return!
19 Mar 2018



2018 年3月19日至4月30日內到 Sally Coco 任何分店及網上購買 Womanizer W500 Pro 任何顏色後 14 日內,如它未能取得你/你的伴侶歡心,歡迎把 Womanizer W500 Pro 連同所有包裝配件退回我們任何分店。我們將會把全數金額以 Store Credits 的方式退回到你的戶口,讓您再次選購其他心儀產品。

From Mar 19 to Apr 30, 2018, enjoy our 14-day Happiness Guarantee with the purchase of Womanizer W500 Pro (any color) in-store and online! If unfortunately you or your partner are not completely satisfied with W500, feel free to return the product with all its original packaging and accessories back to any of our stores. We will be happy to return the amount you paid as store credits towards your future purchase.


使用 Womanizer W500 Pro 小貼士:

– 使用時加上一點潤滑液,輕輕放在陰蒂上即可,初次體驗時不需要用力壓下

– Womanizer W500 Pro 有兩個咀,一大一小,可以試試那一款最適合你

Tips of using the Womanizer W500 Pro:

– Add a bit of lube to your clitoris. When using W500, gently hold the tip on top of the clit. Avoid applying too much pressure to press against the clit.

– Womanizer W500 Pro has two tip sizes. Try which one best suit you!



– 產品可享正常一年保養

– 每名顧客在優惠期內只可使用一次 14 Day Happiness Guarantee 優惠

– 顧客必須登記成為我們會員方可享此優惠

– 退款會全數退換成 Store Credits,不能退回現金

– 退換時必須出示收據或會員電郵或電話號碼

– Sally Coco 保留最終決定及解釋權



– One year warranty is available on Womanizer W500 Pro.

– One 14 Day Happiness Guarantee offer per customer.

– Customer must sign up as our member to enjoy this promotion.

– The refund amount will be transferred into store credits. Refund cannot be made in cash.

– Receipt or member email or phone number must be presented upon return.

– Sally Coco reserve the final right to make decisions or explanations.


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