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【Women's Festival】
Come and celebrate feminine power!

5 Aug 2018

Eaton HK, Sally Coco Intimate Lifestyle Store and Reel Women Hong Kong join hands to bring you the Women’s Festival, the first and only festival in Hong Kong dedicated to celebrate the power and beauty of women! The festival encompasses many fields, from visual art, music, films, to spirituality and health, focusing on the theme of “self-love, self-care, and self-expression”. Ultimately, through appreciating and embracing our bodies positively, we hope that people of all gender from all walks of society may recognize and celebrate the power, beauty and freedom of being yourself !

5 Recommendations Of Women’s Festival


Yoga improves our sexual health by teaching us how to inhabit our bodies, which is really just an abstract way of saying that we become familiar with the most intricate parts of our anatomy, all the way down to those internal core muscles. Certified Yoga Instructor, Stella Lo teaches stretching and strengthening techniques for people of all levels of ability and aim to become more aware of yourself and more comfortable with touch and intimacy. Let’s reclaim your sexuality on the yoga matt in a healing environment.

It is a 60 minute class and a space for students to slowly but consistently build on:

– the physical skills of yoga

– breathing and stretching skills to ignite your sexual energy

– yoga poses especially beneficial for sex and sexual health

08.09.18 | 12pm-1pm


60 mins|Cantonese & English


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Join us for an inspirational and rejuvenating sound journey with alchemy crystal singing bowls, crystal harps, handpan and voice. Sound transforms on a cellular level: the pure vibration from the crystal instruments and trance created by handpan effectively resets your brain, your central nervous system, your mood and alleviates stress. Allow yourself to bathe in the harmonious energy of these sacred instruments!

06.09.2018| 8pm-10pm


120 mins | Cantonese & English


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An empowering movement class for any body-type to connect to our body’s capabilities and feel the radiance within. We raise the heartbeat, release endorphins and move within our comfort zone. All fitness levels and those with 2 left feet can experience an opening and connection of all body systems. Nia is a dance movement practice that inspires joy – it just does! We’re just neurologically wired that way! PAUSE’s founder, Jill Marshall will lead us in a dance of 52 moves, infused by 9 movement arts, with 20 years of Anatomy and Movement teaching experience.

06.09.2018| 12pm-1pm


60 mins | In English


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During the 70’s & 80’s, the years of transformations of Italy, pornography became a tool of protest and liberation, a real language.

The documentary brings to light a wide range of exclusive materials and interviews – pornographers, porn stars, writers, intellectuals, philosophers and feminists, from Lasse Braun to Riccardo Schicchi, from Marco Pannella to Ilona Staller, from Helena Velena to Judith Malina – who recall and recount what deserves to be defined as the most important sexual revolution in decades.

08.09.18 | 8PM-10PM


78 mins|Italian & English with English Subtitles


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Women are of different experiences, identities and expressions, but society has maintained a heteronormative and constricted sense of gender for a long time. In many spaces and platforms lesbian, bisexual, asexual, pansexual and sexually fluid women are left out. Transgender women and non-binary people are made invisible. In this session Dr. Brenda Alegre talks about these invisible women and how they have made themselves reemerged and how they reclaimed their spaces in recent years. She talks about how Intersectionality should be our feminist way forward.


Transgender Resource Center (TGR), is committed to promote the awareness of transgender population and related service in Hong Kong and mainland China. Begin with education, they provide information and resources to the public and to the transgender community.

02.09.2018| 2pm-3:30pm


90 mins|English

* All net proceeds from this seminar will go to Transgender Resource Center.


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More incredible programmes of Women’s Festival 2018 :

10% of the net proceeds ticketing income will go to Rainlily – Hong Kong’s first crisis center for female victims of sexual violence

100% of the net proceeds of selected programme will go directly to specific NGOs

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