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Discover Your Erotic Language Workshop with Nathalie Sommer

5 Jan 2019

Did you know that each of us has a personal style of sexuality, that is called an ‘Erotic Blueprint™? Sally Coco and Nathalie Sommer ( Certified Relationship & Intimacy Coach) come together to create this workshop that is designed to help you understand your own sexuality and the sexuality of your lover. Once you understand your erotic blueprint type, you have a map that gives you a language to easily communicate with compassion, tools for troubleshooting and a clearer pathway to pleasure!

Nathalie Sommer will be teaching you HOW YOU’RE EROTICALLY WIRED by:

  • ・Determining what your Core Erotic Blueprint™ is and understanding how your personal arousal and desire work.

  • ・Discovering how to expand your sex play so you have more variety and freedom within your sex life – create epic sex for a lifetime.

  • ・Uncovering any obstacles holding you back from your true sexual self so you can move toward what you really want to create.

At the end of the workshop, Sally Coco Intimate Stylists will be present to provide personal advice that fits your blueprint and set you up for your sexual exploration.

// DATE & TIME //

Jan 15th, 2019 (Tue)


// VENUE //

Unit B, 2nd Floor,

Kam Ma Building,

16 Cameron Road,

Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong


Standard Tickets: HK$420

RSVP now by email :

Want a little foreplay before you dive in deep – take Nathalie Sommers ‘Erotic Blueprint’ Quiz by clicking to discover a little more about your sexual self.

About Nathalie Sommer



Nathalie Sommer is a Relationship and Intimacy Coach who works with singles and couples to create healthy and intimate relationships so they can feel confident and empowered in and out of bed.Over the last 13 years her work as an entrepreneur has been deeply rooted in holistic therapies, personal development and coaching. After doing some exploratory work herself, she realised that both her one-on-one and group coaching clients were coming to her with relationship issues so she completed the sex and relationship certification in Erotic Blueprints. In addition to working with clients around the world, Nathalie is a speaker, runs sold out workshops and her work has been featured in South China Morning Post, Time Out HK, MasterChef Magazine, Green Queen, Apple Daily and Jet Star Magazine.

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