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【Spanking Workshop】Get your tickets for a wild night!

4 Nov 2018

Spanking is a form of BDSM, using your hand or other tools to spank on the buttocks to create pleasure. Are you curious to try it, but afraid of getting hurt or embarrassed about not having a clue? You are very much welcome to join this workshop. It’s completely safe and suitable for beginners.

Our instructor, Master TOMMYjai has over 20 years’ experience in BDSM. This workshop consists of two parts – one hour of theory, basic spanking techniques and safety precautions, and one hour of practice; using the paddle, cane and flog (all provided) – enables you to fully acquire spanking skills. Participants are welcome to bring along their own spanking tools to practice and explore more about the features of specific spanking tools with Master TOMMYjai.

We will provide spanking models for demonstration ONLY. Participants need to take part in the practice (spanking on one another or one spanking on one) which needs intimate body touch, therefore participants need to join in pairs (couples or friends are also welcome). The workshop will be conducted in English. Participants of all genders/sexualities are welcome. Don’t be shy! Come join us!

Date: 30th Nov (Sat)

Time: 5-7pm

Venue: Sheung Wan (the exact address will be sent to you after confirmation)

Ticket: Couple HK$1000 ($500 each)



About Master TOMMYjai

Master TOMMYjai is considered to be the most prominent BDSM advocate in Hong Kong. He has over 20 years’ experience in BDSM and held the only BDSM parade in Hong Kong in 2001. He attended many well-known international BDSM events like International Mr. Leather, Folsom Street Fair, Folsom Europe, Up Your Alley Fair and Inferno. He has participated at different BDSM parties all over the world, including England, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia, America and Taiwan.

Master TOMMYjai teaches with clear and concise communication while keeping it practical and entertaining. He was invited and taught BDSM at many universities in Hong Kong, including: The University of Hong Kong; The Chinese University of Hong Kong; The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; City University of Hong Kong; The Education University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


❤Safety Rules:

✔ This is a participative and interactive workshop.

✔ There will NOT be any nudity of genitalia.

✔ We will NOT force you to do anything against your will (all practice/act will only take place with your consent). However, in order to acquire the skills being taught in the workshop, your involvement is necessary.

✔ Observation ONLY is NOT acceptable in this workshop. To ensure a safe and trustworthy learning environment for all participants, we retain the right to stop any inappropriate acts or behaviour and when appropriate request anyone to leave.

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