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7 Ways to Mix-and-Match Your Lingerie with Your Outerwear

3 Aug 2022

Have you had the urge to lose your clothes in the summer heat? If you wish to maximise breathability while staying stylish, wearing lingerie as outerwear is your way to go!

Lingerie as outerwear has been trending since the 1990s, revolutionising the rigid function and style of undergarments. It is not just a milestone of fashion design, but also symbolises freedom of expression and sexual liberation.

Read about our intimate stylists’ tips on wearing lingerie, and make yourself hotter in this hot summer!

1. Tone-on-tone is your safe bet


Tone-on-tone style is fashionable but quick and easy. All you need to do is find a piece of clothing that is of similar shades with your lingerie. For example, the geometric lines of Playful Promises’ Ramona Mesh Bra pairs well with our stylist’s emerald pleated dress. (right) The more adventurous ones could simply wear a bralette as your top and layer it with a shirt or jacket. (left)

Left: Thistle and Spire – Brooklyn Haze Emerald Bralette Right: Playful Promises – Ramona Teal Mesh Bra Shot by @ice_phos

2. Going soft pale


The refreshing light sunshine vibe of South African brand Nette Rose certainly suits the lively summer! Our stylists exuberate confidence by combining the detailed, floral bras and simple, loose outerwear.

Left: Nette Rose – Bernie Full Back Bra Right: Nette Rose – Rosie Full Back Bra Shot by @bessxfoto

3. Be “over” with your style


Overalls and oversized shirts are beginner-friendly options for those looking for subtly sexy looks. The intricate laces and floral patterns of your Nette Rose never seem out of place with these.

Left: Nette Rose – Bonnie Soft Cup Bra Right: Nette Rose – Buttercup Soft Cup bra Shot by @hey.heiphotos & @bessxfoto

4. Or maybe just go wild


Black-on-black could be outstanding too! You can create so much sass by layering Thistle and Spire’s Medusa Bralette with Elf Zhou’s Lace Bodysuit. Sliver into your party dress and petrify everyone with your captivating style!

Thistle and Spire – Medusa Black Bralette Elf Zhou – Obsidian Lace Bodysuit Shot by @bessxfoto

5. Simpler is better


You don’t need to go overboard to tease. Wearing Bluebella’s Iris Body Suit under a plain white blouse and jeans is a great way to catch people’s attention in a subtle and sleek way.

Bluebella – Iris body Shot by @bessxfoto

6. There’s something for the decorous and the daring


The bold shoulder straps of Arabella Bra and the light chiffon dress contrasts your wild and mellow sides. A fluid choice for a dynamic fashionista!

Who said suspenders were only good for stockings? It’s actually a great adornment for denim jeans. The Nadia series is an absolute head-turner for all its sexiness and jazz!

Left: Bluebella – Arabella Bra Right: Bluebella – Nadia Bra Shot by @bessxfoto

7. Accessories for success-ories



Rock this delicate gold-chained harness with a white T-shirt! Who cares if it’s “designed for women” if you look sharp in it?

With creativity, you can turn a nightgown into a fashion piece. The flowing dress with a tube top and bicycle shorts let you enjoy the summer breeze.

Too shy to wear a bikini? The one-piece Bluebella Carrie Teddy got you covered, literally! Bathe in the sun and onlookers’ admiration!

Left: Bluebella – Georgiana Dress Right: Bluebella – Theodora Harness Down: Bluebella – Carrie Teddy Shot by @bessxfoto & @ice_phos

💛 Bonus Sharing 💛


Our intimate stylists never fear exposing their nipples,
thanks to Bristols Six’s Nippies Skin reusable nipple covers!
It’s light and breathable, suitable even for the most perspiry.

A little bit of creativity goes a long way wearing lingerie as outerwear.
We hope these tips could make you blaze through the streets this summer!

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