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【FF is Never Too Much】 🖤

16 Nov 2022


今個聖誕,我地將為FF注入全新定義,由 「Final Fantasy」 搖身一變為 「Fetish Fashion」。

Fetish Fashion 直釋係 「戀物時尚」。講起戀物,你腦海第一個彈岀的畫面係咩?會係密不透風既乳膠漆皮服裝、綁帶式內衣極高的尖頭高跟鞋?抑或是皮鞭手扣,高溫蠟燭同濕濕滑滑既地牢?



有見及此,SALLY COCO 將聯乘四個本地手作品牌,為大家打造一個為期一個月的快閃市集,同大家大聲宣告「其實 Fetish 又有乜好怕喎?」佢只係另類美學,一種生活態度,更可以係社會實驗研究。

今個聖誕前夕,歡迎大家進入全新終極幻想」境界 —— FF is Never Too Much!

【Pop-up 詳情】

日期:26 Nov – 25 Dec 2022

時間:12 – 8PM




Pop-up 期間購買指定 BDSM 產品9折優惠,COCOCLUB 會員更可與自己戶口原有的折扣「折上折」!





(Scroll down for the English version.)


Fetish Fashion is never too much! Damp dungeons, warm wax, tight latex suits or intimidating stilettos… there are no limits to how you flaunt your kinky side.

Society has long regarded fetishes as perversions to be morally judged, taboos to be shunned. For being different, BDSM kinksters were condemned to the underworld. No more!

This Christmas, Sally Coco is collaborating with four local artisan brands to present to you a BDSM pop-up, allowing you to experience the alternative aesthetic and lifestyle of BDSM, challenging the norms of vanilla sex.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to spice up your sex life, or a veteran hunting for quality, locally produced products, our pop-up has a variety of choices that could suit your taste.

【Details of Pop-Up 】

Date:26 Nov – 25 Dec 2022

Time:12PM – 8PM

Venue:Central store|Tsim Sha Tsui store

【Limited Time Offer】

Customers can enjoy 10% off of selected BDSM products during the pop-up period. Registered COCOCLUB members can enjoy the 10% off on top of their annual discount.

【In collaboration with】



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